Tuesday, 29 July 2014

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Teej festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and devotion by the women in India. Since Teej fall at the outbreak of the monsoons, it is also popularly known as the 'Sawan Festival'. Teej is usually celebrated in the month of July-August. Festival of Teej is dedicated to the divine couple - Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Though Teej is celebrated at various places in India and abroad.

Style tips for Teej:

1. Wear traditional dresses for teej festival. you can wear lengha choli, saree, suits etc.

 2. Wear jewelry according to your dress.you can wear ethnic jewelry or modern or trendy jewelry.

3. Apply makeup according to your dress but not over do. Keep is simple yet elegant.

4. Before starting makeup apply ice on skin because it closes open pores .

5. Apply henna in a different style. Try out all the trends in.

6. Apply kajal.

7. Apply eyeliner or mascara for eye makeup.

8. Wear footwear that complement your dress along with style footwear should be comfortable.

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Monday, 28 July 2014

Be First Traditionally with Ever Prominent Salwar Kameez

Beauty is the utmost gift nature has given to women. So, to maintain the perfect allure woman needs to follow the latest traditions but with innovation. Women searches for countless apparel to match their dynamic personality and the charisma among women of all age groups is ever prominent Salwar Kameez. The most liked Salwar Kameez is favoured by almost every woman even if the apparel industry is getting flooded with prodigious amount of western clothes. The craftsmanship of several years in Salwar Kameez has made every woman to fill their wardrobe with different and elegant designs in Salwar Kameez and women love to do so. The self-effacing Salwar Kameez is surely going to upswing in future too as it is a complete fusion of serenity and grace.

The matchless pleasantness of Salwar Kameez has made its demand rising all over the world even if its origin is Punjab. The ever revamping styles in Salwar Kameez have come up as a result of profuse fabrics and melange of graceful embroideries. Fabric selection for Salwar Kameez is meticulous task as it should be chosen according to the weather conditions and occasions like cotton being the lightweight should be preferred for summers, georgette can be draped both as a party wear and for daily wear. The three parts of a Salwar Kameez including kurti, Salwar and the dupatta which is a symbol of modesty and the entire look define the woman’s grace in such a way which is almost impossible for any other dress to define. Nowadays, the Salwar Kameez with less embroidery on Kameez and Salwar and additional embroidery on dupatta looks more blushing. Besides, different kinds of Salwar like Patiala Salwar, dhoti style, parallel Salwar are also in vogue but the more number of plates to the Patiala Salwar has made it ever appealing. Long jhumkis and Punjabi jutti are the perfect add-on to the entire look and for hair a braid will completely enhance your look and definitely make you carry a large number of compliments.

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Four Styles To Drape Duppata To Get The Perfect Look!

Drape style!

Indian Royalty define its own aesthetic style. Nothing changes up your look faster than a dupatta drape. While there are some standard drapes that everybody knows- we compiled the four main draping styles in one post.

#1. Hold the dupatta across your back resting on both your arms. This style adds volume to your dress and is even very easy to carry . Adds the Royal touch.

#2. The basic drape allows you the rest your dupatta on your neck . It act like neck piece adding grace to you full look..

#3. Keep it chic and elegant wearing your dupatta on one shoulder and holding it in a loose drape across the wrist. This is great if you want to show off a neckline and still keep the dupatta visible.

#4. Rest your dupatta on your any one shoulder and let it free flow. This way you can highlight your dupatta and can look stylish.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Add These Beautiful Hair Accessories To Complete Your Indian Ethnic Look!

Try Out These Hairstyle To Get The Stylish Look!

Women are proud of their long, thick and lustrous hair. Which even complement their clothing styles. In this post, we have “in fashion” Indian hairstyles that complement both traditional and trendy occasions. A combination of both the new age style and the traditional look.

Try these hairstyles shown above in the image and complete your stylish look ...

Use different hair accessories to hold up ur stylish look for a long time.

Friday, 11 July 2014

How To Look Slim in a Saree?

Saree is a perfect feminine attire that accentuates the looks of a woman. It always adds gorgeousness, sensuality and elegance in a woman’s personality.They are loved by women of all age groups; worn especially on occasions and gatherings. It depends on the draping style and the right type of saree picked which compliments your body shape and personality

Fabric: Lightweight fabrics like Georgette and chiffon stick to the body closely, so they make you look slimmer. Brocade, heavy silk, cottons, and kanjivarans look good on tall and slim women because they add volume to the over all look. Cotton, tissue, Tussar, Silk and Organza sarees need to be ironed and starched properly. Or else they look very untidy.

Color: Go for dark shades. Dark colors make you looker slimmer and they hide the flaws but bring out your curves. If you have a dark complexion then buy dark color sarees that go well with your skin tone. Go for colors like green, maroon or dark pink etc.

Border Of Saree: Bigger or wider borders will make you look short. Women short in height should avoid wide border.

Prints: For a slim look, go for small prints and designs.

Drape Correctly: Draping a saree neatly ensures that you look slimmer and cover up the not so perfect areas.

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Saturday, 5 July 2014

How to be a Diva in a Bollywood Saree?

The eternal flavour in sarees is the Bollywood saree which are inspired by designs that the leading ladies of the silver screen drape. They are set apart from other sarees in the styling, colour combinations and innovative use of fabrics. Here is how you can turn your Bollywood designer sarees into something special that will make you look like a diva -

• Choose a fabric that is trendy when you are going for a casual get together or to wear for work. Buy Bollywood sarees online in a combination of lace and georgette or even chanderi and net to give a twist to your regular look.

• For formal occasions when you buy Bollywood sarees online, focus more on rich fabrics that have subtle embellishment that is graceful and not over the top. This will give you the classy diva-like look.

• Pay attention to the blouse that you pair with your Bollywood designer sarees. Instead of plain blouses, try to give a different look to each saree by varying the length of sleeves, the neckline and colour combination.

• Bollywood sarees online are available in a surprisingly wide range. From plain colours with stripes, to a combination of different prints, there are many styles available even in printed sarees that make them perfect for parties too. Pair them with the right accessories and make an impression.

• Don't be afraid to experiment. Till you try on a new look, you cannot say if it will work for you. Go out of your comfort zone and tie your saree a bit low, go for a high neck blouse or an angrakha style long blouse.

• Wear your hair in a bun when going for a party or let them loose for an elegant look. Small details such as hair styling can go a long way in making a look perfect.

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